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Fishing Report ~ For April
        I don't know about you folks, but this winter doesn't want to go away!  I’m getting fishing fever! How about you? The water temperature is 45 to 47 degrees depending on where you're at on the lake. The water clarity is clear on the South end, but mid lake is cloudy to stained. The upper end of the lake is muddy.  Crappie fishing is slow. They are still in deep water 30 to 55 feet deep! They are positioned out on the main lake points, main lake channels, and bluff walls. They are staged to move up spawning flats as soon as we get a warm spell and start the spawn.  

     This year I'm adding a Family Pontoon Guide trip to my services. A 4 person minimum; up to 8 people. It will be more comfortable for everyone and I won't have to hire another boat. We can stay together for a family orientated fishing trip. I have worked all winter and I'm still putting out brush piles. My technique differs from most crappie brush piles. I have learned some tricks of my own over the years for making sure my brush hold crappie. Come  with me and let me share my technique with you!

       Bass fishing has really been going good for me this year. I recently had a 12.39 lbs bass boated during a tournament, and also had 4 other fish with it that weighed 3 lbs each with a total of 5 fish, 24.34 lbs to finish 1st in a TRI LAKES BASS TOURNAMENT . I have been catching good bass between 3 lbs to 4.5 lbs all winter long. Bass tournaments are a hobby of mine. It’s time for more fish like this to be caught on Broken Bow Lake. So come join me and you may catch the trophy of your dreams. 

         Sand Bass season is also near. In the next few days the weather will start to warm up. We need a few days of sunny weather or a good warm rain. When the water temperature reaches 50 to 52 degree the Sand Bass will run. It will last for about 3 weeks. We have one of the best Sand Bass runs in the state of Oklahoma. Males will be around a pound and the females will be around 2 to 3lbs. Folks I will clean 20 of the fish for you, but the rest you will have to take with you. They’re hard on the electric fillet knives. You need to bring your ice chest if you want to keep all of your catch. This is a great time of the year to introduce kids to fishing. Just bring lots of warm clothes. It is a long ride to where these fish are. 

        Walleye, folks are the best fish to eat from fresh water. Yes it beats crappie in most people’s opinion. Folks there are guides on this lake that will tell you they can catch walleye year around, they may luck into one or two spooning every now and then through the winter, but they can’t go and catch them like you can from May to July. This is what I consider walleye season. There is one other guide on the lake that will back me up on this, his name is Bryce Archey. Both, Bryce and I fish for them the same way. I have seen days where we’ve caught up to 50 walleye. 
           Folks just be careful choosing what guide service you get. Do a good background check first. Some will tell you they are catching walleye just to get you on the water and take your money. Also don't fall for ‘guaranteed fish” this is a gimmick. Fishing is fishing folks we all have bad days. If you or your guide catches a fish, just one fish you pay! To me that’s not a guaranteed catch when you or your party didn't catch fish. Folks, I have never zeroed out ! Also when I'm crappie fishing I don't fish unless the clients want me to help add to their catch! I'm too busy taking care of clients needs first. NOT MY OWN !!! 
          Last thing folks. 
Come see me! KD GUIDE SERVICE 

   If you are interested in booking a trip, please give me a call at 580-579-8118 or email me at and I will put together a memorable fishing experience for you!

Here are some clients showing off their bounty from trips this summer.